forsyth county hacks

March 25, 2023
Old Atlanta Rec Center
Esports Arena || 810 Nichols Road, Suwanee

What is a Hackathon?

Forsyth Hacks is a full-day high school hackathon for building projects, making new friends, and having fun.

This event is an opportunity for students to explore the realm of computer science and bring their creative ideas to life through a collaborative and competitive experience. Students can form groups and work together on a coding project based on the theme and then present them at the end!

It doesn't matter if you've never written a piece of code in your life or have already created an AI robot that writes essays for you. Everyone of every skill level is invited to join us in workshops, engage in countless activities, and meet other like-minded students!

Create projects, memories, and guide the story of your STEM journey at Forsyth Hacks!


  • Will there be hacking?

    no, we’re not “hacking into the mainframe”. The term merely stands for coding and tinkering with computers.

  • Is there a registration fee?

    nope! forsyth county hacks is free to participate in!

  • Who's eligible to participate?

    any student who identifies as a high schooler can attend and participate. coding experience does not matter!

  • I'm only a beginner at coding?

    even if you're just a coding beginner, there will be plenty of workshops and opportunities for you to learn throughout the day

  • What is a hackathon?

    a hackathon is an event for like-minded programmers to come together, collaborate, win prizes, compete, learn, and more!

  • How long is Forsyth Hacks?

    the event will be a full day long (from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

  • Will there be prizes?

    yes! there will be many fun prizes for everyone. no one will go home empty handed.

  • How big should teams be?

    teams can be anywhere around 1-4 people. don't worry if you don't have a team by the time you register! you can meet new people and create a team the day of the hackathon!

  • What should I bring?

    we recommend you bring the following:
    - snack
    - laptop
    - chargers
    food & drink will be provided, but we cannot guarantee access to a computer for everyone.

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Christian Dutton

Co-Executive Director


Sahiti Dasari

Co-Executive Director


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Forsyth County Hacks is fiscally sponsored by Hack Club Bank, a project by The Hack Foundation (d.b.a. Hack Club), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN: 81-2908499).